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Green Motor System Innovation Development Forum-Seminar on Intelligent Motor Technology and Applicat

Date: 2018-12-24
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On March 24, under the guidance of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Forum on Innovation and Development of Green Motor Systems-Seminar on Intelligent Motor Technology and Application, sponsored by the Special Committee of Green Motor Systems of the China Industrial Energy Conservation and Cleaner Production Association, went smoothly during the 2018 Annual Conference of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Cleaner Production Association and the 7th Green Industry Development Summit Forum. Convene.

Green Motor System Innovation Development Forum-Seminar on Intelligent Motor Technology and Application Successfully Held Gu Guobiao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Chen Weihua, chairman of the Green Electrical Machinery System Committee/Special Adviser to the President of Shanghai Electrical Appliance Science Research Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 100 representatives of well-known experts and scholars from all over the country, motor manufacturers, fan, pump, drive, control and other motor system related enterprises, motor system raw material suppliers, energy-saving service enterprises and related media participated in the meeting.

Deputy Director Liu Taiyong presided over the meeting Address by Academician Gu Guobiao In his speech, Academician Gu highly appraised the Commission's active organization of interaction between electrical system experts and enterprises, and continued to provide practical services to meet the needs of technology, marketing and capital of enterprises. At the same time, he put forward suggestions for the future work of the Commission.

Address by Director Chen Weihua

In his speech, Director Chen Weihua reported on the key work of the Committee in the first quarter - 'Academicians into Enterprise Service Activities', and introduced the working arrangements throughout the year. He hoped that the majority of member enterprises would actively sign up to participate in the activities of the Committee.

Mou Jiegang, Director of Industrial Pump Research Institute, Zhejiang University of Technology, made a speech

Speech by Wang Dazhi, Director of Institute of Power System and Power Transmission, School of Information Science and Engineering, Northeast University

In the keynote speech, Wang Dazhi, director of the Institute of Electric Power and Power Transmission, School of Information Science and Engineering, Northeast University, Mu Jiegang, director of the Institute of Industrial Pumps, Zhejiang University of Technology, Du Sanen, deputy director of the Enterprises and Microgrid Business Department of the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences, Liu Wanqi, senior engineer of the National Center for Small and Medium-sized Electrical Machines and Systems Engineering, and other experts revolved around intelligent motors The concepts and technology applications, intelligent control, intelligent matching of motor systems, intelligent motor and energy revolution, industrial intelligence and other topics made brilliant speeches. In particular, Mao Tao, director of the Institute of Global Energy Resources and Environment, International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was invited to interpret the green manufacturing policy and related project declarations of green factories. Speakers from Shenzhen Fengfa Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprises shared and discussed the integration of Internet and intelligent motor development, impact load mitigation technology, and application of intelligent motor system in iron and steel industry.

Summary of Xu Zhiqiang Forum, Senior Consultant of the Association and Former Deputy Director of National Energy Conservation Center Xu Zhiqiang, senior consultant of the association and former deputy director of the National Energy Conservation Center, made a high comment on the forum's theme orientation, the theme of the speech, the invitation of experts and the professionalism of the audience. He pointed out that it is of great practical significance to consider the energy efficiency improvement from the perspective of motor system and intelligent motor. He hoped that the commission would play a good role as a bridge and link to serve the member enterprises well.

The convening of 'Green Motor System Innovation Development Forum-Seminar on Intelligent Motor Technology and Application' is to promote the advanced motor with high efficiency and intelligence to the vast number of industrial enterprises, accelerate the improvement of energy efficiency of motor system, and promote the rapid and healthy development of intelligent manufacturing of motor system in China while promoting energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of enterprises.

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