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The Midwest Large-scale Electricity Exhibition was held in Chengdu in May

Date: 2018-12-24
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The 16th Sichuan International Electric Power Industry Exposition, the largest electric power exhibition in the central and Western regions, will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 4 to 6, 2018. At the same time, the largest electric charging equipment exhibition in the central and Western regions, Sichuan International Charging Station Technology and Equipment Exhibition, will be held in the same period. The exhibition area is over 10,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 200 enterprises from many countries and regions around the world and 10,000 professional visitors to the exhibition.

The Midwest Large-scale Electricity Exhibition was held in Chengdu in May

This exhibition will cover the entire power upstream and downstream industry chain, and will focus on the Internet plus smart power, UHV and smart grid equipment and technology, transmission and distribution, substation equipment, hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic solar and biomass power generation and other clean energy equipment and technology, Power Patrol UAV, intelligent robot, power automation, power instrumentation, power communication, Power quality, building electrical, wire and cable, power emergency and security, power electric related manufacturing and application equipment, energy storage technology and application, electric vehicle charging station and other latest products and technical solutions in today's power industry.

ABB, SIEMENS, SHANGHAI ELECTRIC, TELECOM, DALIAN ROBINSON, FLOKE, GENERAL POWER, JIANHEXING TECHNOLOGY, BOER ELECTRIC POWER, TIANYUAN ELECTRIC POWER, SHILLIN ELECTRIC, BAOSHI ELECTRIC, CHENGDU CHIBANG, SENYUAN ELECTRIC, SICHUAN WARTAY ELECTRIC, SHENZHEN MANTON TECHNOLOGY, MANNEKOS TECHNOLOGY, Beijing Yaohua, Zhejiang Jiudian, Shanghai Zhenghao, Danton Group, Chuankai Electric, Shunzhou Intelligence, Jurui Electric, Deyuan Cable, Mingwei Electronics and other enterprises have participated in the exhibition for many years.

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of power industry in Sichuan and Southwest China and to help Sichuan create a national clean energy demonstration province, the organizing committee will invite key invitations, including smart grid equipment and clean energy installations. Enterprises in preparation, electric vehicle charging pile and other industries participated in this exhibition. At the same time, a series of high-quality innovation forums will be held, including '2008 China Smart Grid and Distribution Network Key Technologies Seminar' and '2018 China Electric Vehicle Charging and Replacement Technology Thematic Forum', to build a platform for cooperation and exchange between power equipment manufacturers and users in the power industry.

After 15 years of rapid development, the largest power exhibition in the central and western regions has been successfully held with Sichuan Electric Power Company, Sichuan Electric Power Industry Association, Sichuan Electrical Engineering Society, Sichuan Electrical Technology Society, Chengdu Electric Power Industry Chamber of Commerce, Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, Southwest Architectural Design Institute, Sichuan Hydropower Group, Sichuan Investment Group, Sichuan Energy Investment Group, Chengdu Bus Group, etc. Units, Xinhua News Agency, China Energy Network, China Electric Power Newspaper, China Electric Power News Network, Western Electric Power Network, Polaris Electric Power Network, China Environmental Protection Online, China New Energy Automobile Network, and other top media organizations in more than 100 industries have established good cooperative relations and formed a mature and perfect propaganda and promotion network throughout the country.

The exhibition was strongly supported by Sichuan Economic and Information Commission and Sichuan Energy Bureau. It was co-sponsored by Sichuan Electric Power Company, Sichuan Electric Power Industry Association, Guangdong Charging Facility Association, Southwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Engineering Consulting Group, and Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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