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ABSTRACT: The exhibition invites Oriental Servo to participate in the AUTOMATE SHOW exhibition of Chicago International Automation and Robot Fair in 2019. The exhibition venue of 08-11 April 2019: Welcome to McCormick Exhibition Center.Exhibition Invitation - Oriental Servo Participates in AUTOMATE SHOW, Chicago International Automation and Robotics Exhibition 2019Exhibition time: 08-11 April 2019Exhibition venue: McCormick Exhibition CenterWelcome to our hotel
Release Time: 2019 - 01 - 11
The Chicago International Automation and Robot Exhibition (AUTOMATE) is a professional technology trade exhibition sponsored by the American Association of Automation Industries. It is held every two years. Before 2009, the exhibition was called the American Robot and Vision Exhibition. Since 2011, it has been renamed the American Automation and Robot Exhibition. The exhibition has grown into the largest and most important exhibition of robotics and automation technology in North America. Through the biennial opportunity, professionals in robotics automation all over the world are gathered to ...
Release Time: 2019 - 01 - 11
Industrial automation systems: assembly and handling systems, linear positioning systems, control systems, assembly systems, industrial image processing systems, sensors and actuators, industrial computers, embedded systems, measurement and detection systems, industrial automation data analysis and acquisition systems, automation services, industrial number automation systems, safety and security systems, industrial automation information technology Technology and Software, Industrial Information Technology Service System, Connection and Transfer Equipment, Fastening and Connection Equipment, ...
Release Time: 2019 - 01 - 11
New Products - Voice Coil Series Good news, Shenzhen Oriental Servo CNC Technology Co., Ltd. has newly developed voice coil series officially launched, voice coil series drive advantages: direct drive, zero cogging positioning, fast response, extremely high acceleration, low-speed smooth movement and so on!! If you are interested in our voice coil series products, please call us directly for consultation! TEL: 0755-83314220!
Release Time: 2018 - 12 - 24
Address: 4A, Building 1, Block B, No. 1, Shajing Road, Dawangshan, Shajing Town, Shenzhen, China.
(opposite Huasheng Daxia)
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