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  • release time: 2019 - 01 - 07
    DM432ES  is a digital stepper motor driver launched by Dongfang Servo CNC Technology Co., Ltd., using the latest 32-bit DSP technology, the user can set any subdivision in 256 and any current value in the rated current. Due to the use of low-speed/medium-speed anti-resonance technology, the built-in micro-division technology, even in low subdivision conditions, can achieve a high subdivision of the effect, low and high speed operation are very smooth, the noise is super small. The drive interior integrates the parameter automatic tuning function, can automatically generate the optima...
  • release time: 2019 - 01 - 07
    M542ESM542es type drive, is the Oriental Servo CNC Technology Co., Ltd. launched, with a more cost-effective advantage of stepper motor driver. The heat and noise of the motor machine are greatly reduced, and the running stability is higher. It is mainly used to drive 42. Type 57 Two-phase hybrid stepper motor. There are 15 kinds of micro-step fine fractions, the maximum number of steps is 25600pulse/rev; Its working peak current range is 1.04a-4.2a, the output current has a total of 8 gears, the current resolution is about 0.45A, with automatic half-flow, overvoltage and overcurrent protectio...
  • release time: 2019 - 01 - 07
    MD556ESMD556ES is a stepper motor driver with constant angular moment and high subdivision, which adopts servo pure sinusoidal precise current control technology. The technology can significantly improve the noise and smooth operation of the motor. The maximum driving current is 5.6A, and the maximum positioning accuracy is 128 Shao fen, which can reach 25600 steps.application areaSuitable for all kinds of automation equipment and instruments of motion control, such as electronic processing and testing, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machi...
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